Why save the border collie?

It might be tempting to get a border collie knowing this kind of work attitude. The border collie breed is valued for their extraordinary intelligence and ability to breed – be it sheep or cattle, poultry or pigs and ostriches. But before you finally adopt a border collie from a rescue shelter, you need to first determine if a border collie is suitable for you and your lifestyle.

Border Collie Dog Breed

Many people are under the impression that these dogs are easy to handle and train because of their reputation as the best sheep shepherd in the world. Unknown to them, training a border collage is one of the most challenging tasks a border collie owner may face. To train them is like teaching a child genius who likes to think. And when the owner was tired and frustrated with what seemed to be causes of despair, these poor creatures were turned over to shelter. Training frontier collages require commitment and preparation. Not only that. Many border collages were also submitted because they had bitten someone, be it an adult or a child. Other people who haven’t displayed a strong instinct for painter also end up in the rescue.

So why save the border collie and endure the troubles he might cause?

There are many reasons why dog ​​adoption is recommended. First of all, not all rescue dogs, regardless of breed, are problem dogs. They may have been perceived as a problem by previous owners perhaps because this breed was not suitable for them, their lifestyle. Their previous owners may not understand what it takes to have a border collie for pets. In addition, most of the dogs in the shelter are already housed or socialized either by their previous owners or by shelter staff. Some have even finished their shot and been examined by a vet.

Through dog adoption, you are also helping your community by freeing up one space to accommodate other abandoned dogs. Most of these rescue shelters operate with little or no financial assistance from the government so that they can accommodate only a limited number of animals.

The idea of ​​adopting a dog isn’t bad at all. Just make sure that the border collie breed is right for you.

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